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veggie snark

all the snark you can fit in a turkey

Friends don't let veggie friends eat fish.
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People asking stupid questions like "Can I eat gravy" got you down? Are you tired of hearing about "OMG It's soooo hard being vegetarian and I quit"? Do you feel like you're going to snap the next time someone tells you that "vegetarianism can't be defined!!"? Is your mouth sore from all the time spent telling your neighbor that "no, really, vegetarians don't eat fish"?

Then you've come to the right place! Feel free to get it all off your (low-cholesterol) chest here at veggie_snark, where vegetarianism actually has a definition and we all sit around trying to come up with fabulous new ways to hurt our fellow vegetarians' feelings and make omnis hate us even more, obviously. Right. Oh, and we're PC nazis and we hate animals or something. Don't forget that one. And it's all pointless. And negative.

Did we mention we're nazis??